Fast Karate T-Shirt: Hanabi

Let's remember the good times. Masago the Silk Spinner? We DIDN'T know it was him, and we all had a good laugh when he popped out of that chick's head and blew up that other guy's head. And who could forget baby Hanabi? His death was as his life: short and painful. Now you can commerate his brave sacrifice... and look good doing it! Order your Hanabi T-Shirt today and be the best dressed kid at your local anime convention. No leftover Bandai swag for you! No more faded Hong Kong-knock off Utena tee with the pit stains on it! With this shirt, the only thing that's "gon brow up" is your SEX APPEAL!

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Front Beat Poster: Insurrection

Tired of being the only kid on your block without an official Front Beat poster? Well that can all change today for the low low price of $10 (plus shipping and handling). The first piece of official Front Beat merchandise is a very fetching picture of Technical Officer Catherine Duvall in a bit of a pickle. Will she make it home alive? Will she surive the night?

There's only one way to find out, and that's by the continuation of the comic! That's where you, dear reader, come in. Buying stuff keeps us healthy, and healthy comicers are able to get their comics out in a more timely fashion. Some day we might just find out what happens to our dear Catherine. Until then, you can bask in the warm glow of pride, knowing you played your part in a job well done.

Each order is specially prepared by our monkey scientists to adhere to the highest standards of human decency, which guarentees a minimum of monkey hair and defecate in every package! When you buy a poster from Front Beat, you're buying in style! Be the envy of your friends and the scourge of your enemies! Feed a monkey! Buy today!

Specifications: 24" x 36", 100# paper, professional quality theatrical poster

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